Life Coaching

"What good is life coaching? Why would one need another unknown person to tell them how they might one to live their life? Why are their suggestions more valid than the suggestions of, let's say, my grandmother? Am I not capable of being my best self or live my best life without an outside source? If not, why?"  

Life Coaching is NOT therapy. When you tell a friend or relative that you've sought out a Life Coach for assistance, you're normally going to get a response, like, "So, you're going to ly down on a couch and tell them your life's story?"  It can be easy to confuse the two. 

Here is a great way to separate the two: 

Your therapist may want you to call them or schedule an appointment when you are having some level of anxiety over a relationship or job; that anxiety resulting from a past trauma. 

Your Life Coach may want you to call them or schedule an appointment when you are considering a return to college, but need direction on what major to choose and what goal you should set for life after graduation. 

See the difference? You've probably asked yourself one or more of the above questions on your quest to find success.  This is why you are here today.  Keep looking around to get the answers to those questions!

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Professional Organizing

Who We Work With

There are those of us who need a bit of motivation when it comes to organizing that file cabinet we haven't touched in over a year.  There are those who need a motivational speech in order to organize that cabinet, closet, and that planner.  Then, there are those of us who aren't quite sure why being organized is even a "thing".  Those are our friends who suffer from 'Chronic Disorganization', and we happily work with everyone on and off of that spectrum.   To include: 

  • Basic ADD issues with the CD Client
  • CD Client Administration
  • Learning Styles and Modalities
  • Understanding the Needs of the Elderly CD Client
  • Basic Mental Health Condistions and Challenges Affecting the CD Client

How can we Organize your life today? Let us know...

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Financial Planning

Let's face it, we all need a little help in the "mula" department, right? Even if you have the best credit score or tons of money in savings, there will always be something you could do to maximize your cash savings potential.  

The rich don't get rich by hanging on to every penny they have; the poor didn't become poor because they spent it all one night in a casino.  There are two  things that separate the rich and the poor...a savings and a plan.  

You see, the rich became rich (most of them, at least) because they had a large amount of money already in existence, that they placed in a savings and build upon through investments, interest bearing accounts, etc.  Those that we deem as "poor" became that way because the money they did inherit, be it through employment or other means didn't have a place to grow that cash. Meanwhile, the person who held to it tightly, watched it ooze from every area of his hand that seemed to have a hole.  They watched their savings empty in a matter of no time at all.  This happens when you don't have a plan to save it or spend it.  

We will talk about the best ways to save your money and make a great plan to watch it grow! Find out how! 

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